About Me

I’m a 23 year old Californian girl on a journey with Low Fat Raw Vegan foods!

I love:

+ singing + drawing + painting + spending time with friends + the color green + fresh air + dancing crazy + looking at water + learning new things + people watching + photography + cats + dogs + bike riding + swimming + foraging for fruit + gardening + heart-to-hearts with elders + my family + crafts + experiments + surveys + journaling + white christmas lights + the ocean + heat + volunteering + analyzing + summer + lightbulb moments + walking bare foot + watching movies + youtube + animals + childhood memories + swings + burping + flossing + music

My favorite things to eat:

Ataulfo Mango Delicioso Yummioso

Ataulfo Mangos

Persian Mulberries

Mission Figs

Medjool Dates

Little Cherry Tomatoes




Fresh Orange Juice

Red Bell Pepper

Muscat Grapes





4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    catch said,

    hello megan i see you really like eating good that very rare for a girl your age you eat perfect i must say that i like eating the same way i must also say that i like you very much and i think that we are a perfect match though i don’t know your sign what month you was born in month and day with that being said i must say as well i never told a girl that i think we are a perfect match before when i ask you if you were single and you diding answer until about three months later i said man that was a long time and when you said yes i ask a couple of questions rather i made statements and told about me not really questions and that been four weeks ago so i said wow and then i came across this word press and i see you been very busy a lot on your plate and four week since you answer yes that you were single and here i’m waiting patience i can wait until you check you messages or go back to formspring so i can hear from you i see that you are very busy and you problay don’t have time for an relationship but i would be happy just to sit and front of you clashing ideas over lunch at your favororite spot if that can be possible please contact me your new friend until you finish school catch smile i waiting on you bye

    • 2

      Hi there, I haven’t been on this blog very much at all. I am not on formspring very much either, but I plan on updating this blog more frequently. Thank you for the well wishes!

  2. 3

    kevin morris said,

    hello megan the more i look at you blog the more that i want you okay i’m begging please can i heard from you i would really like to take you out please hope all is well and things are going your way your friend catch slash kevin i really want you to be my friend you just don’t know how bad bye

    • 4

      Hi Kevin,

      I see your comment was posted a little over a month ago. You sound pretty anxious. We don’t know each other, but I’m always more than happy to get to know new people. I’ll be updating this blog more often. I don’t have much free time, but thank you for reaching out. Take care, I’ll be updating soon!

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